Academics at Charlotte Islamic Academy

At Islamic School of Charlotte the DBA of Charlotte Islamic Academy Inc., we are committed to providing a well-rounded education that integrates Islamic values, academic excellence, and character development. Our curriculum is carefully designed to meet both state standards and our unique Islamic educational goals.

Alignment with North Carolina Standards 

We proudly follow the North Carolina Essential Standards (NCES), ensuring that our students receive a high-quality education that aligns with the state’s expectations. Here’s how we incorporate these standards across various subjects:

  1. English/Language Arts (ELA):
    • Our ELA curriculum emphasizes reading comprehension, writing skills, and effective communication.
    • We use resources from Savvas Curriculum, a trusted content provider, to enhance ELA instruction.
  2. Mathematics:
    • Our math program covers essential concepts, problem-solving, and mathematical reasoning.
    • We integrate the Savvas Curriculum to reinforce mathematical skills.
  3. Science/Health:
    • Students explore scientific principles, conduct experiments, and learn about health and wellness.
    • Our science curriculum is enriched by the Savvas Curriculum resources.
  4. Social Studies:
    • We delve into history, geography, and cultural understanding.
    • The Savvas Curriculum supports our social studies instruction.
  5. Physical Education (PE):
    • Physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship are integral to our PE program.
  6. Foreign Language:
    • Arabic language classes are offered to enhance cultural awareness and communication skills.

Islamic Studies and Quranic Education 

  1. Quranic Studies:
    • Daily Quranic recitation and memorization are part of our routine.
    • Our students develop a love for Allah’s words and learn proper Tajweed.
  2. Arabic Language:
    • We teach Arabic language skills, enabling students to read and understand the Quran.
    • Arabic classes are guided by knowledgeable instructors.
  3. Islamic Studies:
    • Our students learn the teachings of Islam based on mainstream scholarship.
    • We emphasize character development, ethics, and compassion.
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Educational Goals

Our overarching goals include:

  1. Love for Allah and His Messenger (SAW):
    • We nurture a strong connection to faith and the Islamic community.
  2. Academic Progress:
    • Steady advancement toward meeting NCES requirements.
  3. Effective Communication:
    • Developing reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.
  4. Mathematical Proficiency:
    • From basic concepts to advanced math, we equip students with essential skills.
  5. Science Literacy:
    • Understanding scientific principles and their real-world applications.
  6. Career Readiness:
    • Preparing students for future success through knowledge and skills.
  7. Health and Well-Being:
    • Promoting physical, mental, and emotional health.
  8. Resource Conservation:
    • Instilling awareness of responsible resource use.
  9. Balanced Education:
    • Academics complemented by extracurricular activities.